Hamilton FreeSkool


hey everyone, the new freeskool website is up! we’re only going to use that one from now on so check it out:


Freeskool is a place where people who know a thing can meet with people who want to learn a thing. We’re all curious, clever people with a lot of knowledge and skills to share with eachother. Freeskool is a way to learn without incurring crippling debt, to tap into all the knowledge already in our community.

Check out the list of courses currently running. If you see some that interest you, contact the facilitator of the course who will let you know what’s going down.

The facilitators work to keep the class running smoothly, but they are not in charge. Freeskool is non-hierarchical.  In some classes, like first aid for instance, someone will have special knowledge they are sharing with others, but learning is a collective process, we learn as we teach, and everyone in the room has something to offer.

January 2009 Term class list


2 responses to “Hamilton FreeSkool

  1. back in ’73 was accepted at Mac as a mature student at 33. had grade 7, heck that’d been 5 years after i’d been 7 and give a 900 piece jigsaw puzzle.
    hey, it amazing what you can do when you are too stupid to realize, it a cannot do. Who says. just because it aint been done, don’t mean. Cause it just says, time aint come for this cosmic love affair of having eternity work itself to such opriganisms (?) 🙂 that a smile ? look at the big picture of mind’s gather in light till cashing in on tearing through all that flew head of the tales that floor us in wake of all that leaves us catch our breath
    this not just oxygen, these are product of the plants scented air, the medicine of both, first choice and last resort and until, we, as in humanity, follow nature’s ways again . . well it will come to that since nature can only do so much for those who are and remain blind to nature’s ways because of what they been taught and the daily degregations being so minor and minute and your never having known what it was like, when the air blue free and clear
    our poisoning the air with the trail, and yes, blanket of exhaust. . 4000 planes flying over the US, and with it us.. The plants, with literally air the food we breathe in, it is so volatile, it can only provide you with consciousness to carry the concreted thoughts of who whe are
    ah, check out the can you tell a book by its cover photos . . . we ‘gan do our PENance, a revolt from all those who go by rote. every baby in this world is born with all the cosmos has worked through the heads of our being left dance mid the shadows of all which once came trouble us on getting ahead of ourself. . life’s not about what you learn in school. Its about how you assimmilate all you’ve taken in all coming back to illuminate this MOMend . Hey, got to Love it, with Mac’s Med. Center already called MUMCenter well as celebrating the City’s fLower ChRYSanTheMUMS & The MUMSHOW at Main N Gage where the fest of friends gather for a free for all. . wonder what a true fest of friends would be like . just pick a day and gather at the bay front or in all the city park and make music. . ah, visions of ringing in the New Year say at Copps coleSiUm coming with their instrumends of peace and play, play play, till the past lies forgot safe for nature’s blooming show all who attend Duck University. . hey, that stack o books in my pics? now, isn’t tha lovely,
    just thought I’d check the spec reader and it shares the Political Dominos are still toppling. pARTicularly on spending 40 days at the IMProv’s SKIdTzenFROLIC FunKle Fest CompLEX.
    hey, we can sTopanYbodY shORt. in one way or another. hey, can I join and share me notes? about how the cosmos is about taking the work out of living . . humanity has been working their can off to take the work out of living. . all, while they all want to work for a living. . that so they can affort to fight and take this MessiPanic pHARMaceutical pillGRIMage to its gruesome end. or have the ARMaGEDcon or does that read
    ArmAgedDon with fiddle and bow to your partner or better yet, do the can can through all which leaves us know, once youth

    I’s a chatty, eyes’ a catty, i’s a stretch
    the limits of your imagination with a roll of your eyes had you search your brains in hopes or was it a knowing this a . . let it go, me? always saw the dreams as the blue prints of life . . .
    me? life’s a free for all, be like the shun, share all you’ve gleaned and learned on letting your feelings flow, through all the decision you make and never ever get ahead of yourself again, ah, speaking just for me, cause life stops us short till we learn what it has us wish home in on. success is making the most of what you have. it not buying in on a world we’ve outgrown, where the shell of shalls has grown so tout. . . it’d bout to crack as earth once did on having crusted over its still moltENcore

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